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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  September 1, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the unit and around the world. an intense scene in pakistan as protesters push plus the fight against isis. britain's prime minister gets set to announce details to his new plan to combat the militant group. later -- >> in these rooms there are nearly a million cockroaches. and it is literally the stuff of nightmares. >> you said it. we will introduce you to a man who's made a career out of farming these cockroaches. thanks for joining us, everyone. we begin in pakistan where
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anti-government sdmdemonstratio are once again heating up. they have defid orders to stay out of the so-called red zone. for two weeks they've been demanding that the prime minister resign. he has refused. the demonstrations have continued to intensify. we're joined now from islamabad. so, what are these protesters doing right now and what are they hoping to achieve? >> in the past hour we've moved to pakistan television, that's the state broadcaster. protesters were trying to get into the building and take over. when we got here we saw hundreds surrounding the building. this is part of the red zone, in the center of islamabad. and previously they were held
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off by a number of containers but today police are less inclined to try to stop them. so much so that just within the last ten minutes, just before you came to me, we've seen dozens of soldiers marching into the building. the military has been asked to protect faith institutions under an article of the constitution. we're seeing rings and rings of so will de soldiers marching in and people wondering, is there a coup going on? no. military has been asked to protect faith institutions. we followed them in. they sealed off the area. there are dozens much soldiers around the building. they are, as i'm speaking, walking and marching toward the protesters. trying to get them to back off and back down. interestingly, just as soldiers
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arrived, the chant changed from prime minister, they want him to step down, it changed to long live the pakistan army. these kind of protests in a fragile democracy is only encouraging military intervention. as we know, much of pakistan history and the leadership of military dictators is the first time we've seen a transition of democracy from one government to another. but the protesters here say this is not a democracy. it came on the back of the rigged election. rosemary? >> as we're watching these pictures unfold there, just give us an idea on what the prime minister is likely to do at this point. he's refused to step down. that's what protesters want to see happen. he's refusing at this point at least. talk to us about the military. you say they're moving into buildings to protect the
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buildings. are they likely to take a more active roll. that could be a big concern. >> yes. this political standoff, the prime minister refusing to stand down. the opposition leader, incredibly popular, leading one protest group. another group. they say he has to go. protesters will not move and will not go home until he does step down. as you're saying, there is concern that this kind of vacuum in the political scenario -- not long garrigues president musharraf was here in pakistan. we understand behind the scenes
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there is antagonism between the military and sharif. the case of treason against president musharraf for his dictatorship. there's a lot of -- a lot of scenes going on behind the scenes here that may affect the situation. so far late last night the military held a core commander's meeting, the lead carrier of pakistan and they sent out a statement saying that they will -- they reaffirm their commitments to support pakistan's democracy and they will do everything they can to protect faith institutions. certainly scenes are reminiscent of the time back in 1999 when president musharraf held a coup and we saw military going over the fence of pakistan state
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television. today they're here to protect it. >> simone from the latest in islamabad, the intensification of those protests in pakistan. we'll keep a close on on that and bring you details as they come in to us. as the west focuses more and more on the threat from isis and other jihadist groups, we're expecting an important announcement today from david cameron. we believe just hours from now the british prime minister will unveil new details about the uk's anti-terror response. reports say the measures could include a temporary travel ban on british-born jihadists in iraq and syria to prevent them from returning home. listen. >> what we're facing with isil is a greater and deeper threat
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to our security than what we have known before. >> joining me live in london is cnn's erin mclaughlin. what do we know about the measures david cameron plans to announce in just a matter of hours and what impact are they likely to have? >> reporter: hi, rosemary. he we know there's been an intense debate throughout the weekend and this morning about the balance, the need to introduce new counterterrorism measures, the need to balance that with the protection of people's civil liberties. we know prime minister cameron says he plans to introduce new legislation that would increase government powers to be able to seize passports of individuals, would-be british jihadis. now, it's estimated there are some 500 british nationals currently in syria, possibly
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iraq, fighting for extremist causes. we also know there is an estimate 250 british nationals believed to have actually return to the united kingdom. yet under current legislation, british government only has seized so far some 23 pass parts. prime minister cameron expected later today to unveil plans to address that. also there has been talking they could introduce new legislation that would ban some of these fighters from returning to the united kingdom. they wouldn't strip some extremists of their citizenship. members of the junior coalition party, voices concerning about legality of such a proposal and the need to protect people's civil liberties in general. >> erin, how in people are reacting to this? to the prime minister raising the terror level, what are they saying?
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a terrorist attack is highly likely. it has some members of the liberal democrats expressing concern about rhetoric we're hearing from this government. some government officials are using that fear to try to engender popular support for some of these new powers, saying it's the government's duty to protect civil liberties rather than act as cheerleaders for intelligence services. it's that kind of criticism that has been roundly rejected by government ministers. defense minister saying this is a very real threat. >> erin mclaughlin reporting live from london. meantime, iraqi security forces, supported by u.s. air strikes, have broken the isis siege of a community in northern iraq. the militants have surrounded the town of amerli since june but iraqi forces were able to
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enter on sunday, averting what many feared was about to become a humanitarian crisis. let's get the latest now from cnn's anna cornet in erbil. talk to us about how they achieved this. >> reporter: very significant, rosemary, but a long time coming. as you say, this is a township under siege for more than two months. many questioning why it took so long, for the international community to react. obviously, ooun special representative to iraq issued that warning more than a week garrigues saying a it was unfolding in a village of less than 0,000 people. it's a farming community. amerli is made up of lots of villages, in a remote area and easy for isis militants to
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surround it. it's important to note there were arab sunni communities around it as well which have joined the fight with isis. this was the situation for two entire months. there were calls to come to their assistance after the water and power were cut. finally we saw the united states send in those fighter jets to carry out air strikes around amerli. we saw humanitarian airdrops as well from uk, france, u.s. the iraqi military with shiite militia led that ground invasion, ground offensive into amerli. these militia were the same militia who fought american soldiers during the long occupation here in iraq. they're the ones who are backed by iran up. basically have two sworn enemies coming together to liberate this
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township. the situation on the ground very dire. we heard dozens of children had died because of the conditions. lack of food, lack of water, lack of medical supplies. there is no hospital in this township. finally relief they've been rescued and a crisis has been averted. >> absolutely. anna coren reporting live from erbil in iraq. many thanks to you. coming up next on cnn, while russians continue to insist, there will be no military intervention inside ukraine. why one u.s. lawmakers claims an invasion has already begun. plus, this is no ordinary pool party. more video showing libya militia partying inside an abandoned u.s. embassy.
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slid myrrh putin says it's time for ukraine to sit down with rebels on a number of issues including political organization and, quote, statehood for rebel-controlled areas. but mr. putin's spokesman insists that does not mean independence for those areas. and that they should remain part of ukraine. cnn international correspondent matthew chance is covering this for us from our moscow bureau. hi, matthew. what are we to make of these comments from president putin? what does he mean when he talks about statehood in this context? >> i'm sorry, we have a very bad connection from the studio. if you were talking about vladimir putin's comments about statehood with rebels in the east of the country. initially, those remarks were interpreted as a change of russian position, where russia
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married to the idea of an independent state in the east and south of ukraine. previously not sought any support for, even though rebels groups in donetsk had been calling for an independent state from kiev, from ukraine, in those areas. the spokesman, as you mentioned, of vladimir putin came after putin's remarks trying to clarify them saying they still regarded the matter in ukraine as an international matter and they weren't supportive of an independent state for these rebels in ukraine, at least not for the moment. over the past hour, more from the prime minister, sergey lavrov, in the talks taking place today in the neighboring country of belarus, contact group involving officials from russia, ukraine and rebels are
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sitting down at the negotiating table in minsk, and sergey lavrov saying they should have talks and petro posterior, saying they should lay down their weapons, and lavrov saying if they lay down their weapons, they would be destroyed. lavrov denying there's been any incursion by russian forces inside of ukraine, despite the mounting evidence that's been gathered from satellite images to dead bodies coming back of russian service personnel into russia, that there are indeed russian forces inside ukraine. kremlin officials categorically denying that. >> matthew chance, thanks to you. u.s. president barack obama has been hesitant to provide arms to the ukrainian military
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but now even some in the president's own party say the russians have changed the dynamics. let's bring in our correspondent from ukraine, capital kiev. how is this confusion being read in ukraine? are they expecting to see some change in approach with the obama administration when it comes to ukraine? >> reporter: yeah, i think at this point what kiev is look for is help. they're not looking for military intervention. they say they want military technical assistance. they suggest they want more sanctions. all of this is happening because it feels like we're reaching another turning point in this back and forth conflict. there's mounting evidence that the momentum on the battlefield is shifting in favor of the rebels. they're steadily taking more and more territory in southeastern ukraine with another town falling late last night.
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in southeastern ukraine, fresh remnants of a battle where pro-russian rebels routed ukrainian forces to take back a town. for ukraine troops, retreat was swift, leaving behind a wreckage of war and another town in shambles. the rebel takeover is the latest triumph in a counteroffensive that seemed pro-russian separatists, seemingly regained the upper hand and ukrainian soldiers, encircled or on the run. just two weeks garrigues it was ukrainian forces dom nagt the fight, pushing east, taking rebel strongholds. kiev in western capitals say the rebel onslaught is backed by russian troops and weaponry, an accusation moscow denies. for the rebels, the next target could be mariopol, which could give them land link from russian
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border to russian-annexed crimea. >> they have come with missiles, tanks. this is no longer the question of some rebel separatists. this is a direct invasion by russia. we must recognize that. >> reporter: on sunday just outside mariupol, ukraine forces raced to make defense lines. rebels lay in wait. with the rebels gaining momentum, the european union offered them an ultimatum, call off separatists or face more sanctions. vladimir putin responded by calling for talks on the statehood of eastern ukraine. his spokesman later denied moscow supports independence for rebel-held territories. even sew putin's comments raises the stakes in a conflict that's rapidly intensifying.
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in the coming hours we'll be watching southeastern ukraine to see if pro-russian separatists and rebels make a move west. at this hour no indication that that has happened. but more reports of ukrainian troops retreating. overnight, according to officials in kiev, 68 more ukrainian troops retreated west over the weekend. more than 40 soldiers retreated. many others, rosemary, are encircled in southeastern ukraine. >> all right. watching what's happening on the ground there. reporting live from kiev, many thanks to you. still to come on cnn, a blow delivered to hong kong's pro-democracy movement. demonstrators vent their displeasure over changes to the election process. we'll explain. [ male announcer ] identity theft...
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♪ south korea's defense ministry says north korea fired proje projectile into the sea. the frequency of recent tests is unusual. u.n. resolutions bar north korea from launching ballistic missiles. pro democracy demonstrators held a rally in central hong kong. they are latest about how they pick the chief executive. pro democracy movement pushed
12:25 am
for elections in which any candidate can run for the office. but china's national people's congress ruled they can only be nominated vetted by beijing will be allowed to run. in the united states, heavy rains triggered flash flooding in the south while severe weather is possible in the midwest this labor day. ivan cabrera joins us with all the details and a lot to talk about on the weather front for the united states. >> absolutely. a large area of severe weather possible today with a lot of people being impacted here. i think by later this afternoon. in fact, severe thunderstorm watches have continued through the overnight with pretty good squall line fizzling to the north. on the southern extent, southeastern kansas, my goodness, torrential downpours, frequent lightning and potential for damaging wind with still this watch box out. this is generally the area we're
12:26 am
going to watch related to this afternoon. the action moving a little further to the east along that boundary for today. if you're behind it, fantastic weather. really from here to the west all the way to the coast. you're looking for plenty of sunshine. a few scattered thunderstorms across the eastern seaboard. i don't think we'll see the torrential downpours we saw yesterday in new york. here are the temperatures if you like it hot, everywhere except across the north. a little shot of relatively cooler air. much cooler compared to dallas, which will be 97. factoring in the humidity it and it will feel like 100s. chicago, indianapolis, detroit, st. louis and everywhere in between will be seeing the potential for hail, damaging winds and potential for even some rotating thunderstorms. keep an eye to the sky. watching this area of disturbed
12:27 am
weather, now it's right on top of the you can tan. we're not excited at this point about any fast development here but once it gets into the bay of come pe campeche. we'll watch this low. it looks like the southern tracks will likely verify so the u.s. wouldn't be impacted. my goodness, we'll have a ton of rain coming up over the next several days. you see a low spinning up, heading toward tampico. southern texas would be involved not so much in the wind but the heavy rain threat for the middle part of the week. >> thanks for keeping an eye on all that. a lot to cover there. appreciate it. when we come back, we'll look ahead to prime minister david cameron's anti-terrorist possibly and we'll find out why muslims in britain fear a modern
12:28 am
day witch hunt could be under way.
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thanks for stig with us. i'm rosemary church. want to check the headlines.
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right now pakistani protesters are marching on the heart of the government center in islamabad. demonstrators are calling for the prime minister to step down. it's a demand they've been repeating over the past two weeks as their protests intensify. russian president vladimir putin says it's time for kiev to talk about statehood for rebel-controlled areas. but mr. putin's spokesman insists that does not mean independence for those areas. and that they should remain part of ukraine. representatives from kiev, moscow and separatists are meeting in belarus today. british prime minister david cameron is expected to unveil details about the you can's anti-terror response. reports say the measures could include a temporary travel ban on british-born jihadi terrorists to prevent them from returning home. the potential threat of
12:32 am
isis, are expected to be a key topic when david cameron addresses parliament. on friday at downing street, he spoke these words. >> we are stopping suspects from traveling by seizing passports, we're depriving people of citizenship and legislating so we can prosecute people for all terrorist activity, even where that activity takes place overseas. >> joining me from our bureau in london is peter neumann, director of international center for radicalization and political violence. thank you, sir, for talking with us. we'll get more details from prime minister cameron, but do you think these measures are likely to have any impact on the threat of islamism extremism in great britain? >> i have my doubts.
12:33 am
i think it is important to make it easier for the government to stop people from traveling because that must be the first line of defense, if you want. when it comes to taking away passports from people who are inside of syria and iraq, i think that's quite problematic because you're almost forcing these people to go on to the next conflict or to become terrorists because they cannot return to their own country. we know a number of people who are on the fringes of isis are quite disillusioned with the organization. they want to come back to great britain. if you take away that option, you are almost trapping them in a situation they don't want to be in. the catalog of measures by the prime minister do anything to address the appeal, the ideology that is behind people wanting to go to syria. >> what do you think is the solution? if you had the opportunity to
12:34 am
advise prime minister cameron, what is the best path? >> it's important to have a punitive element because some of these people are genuinely dangerous. that needs to be complements with a way out, like mandatory de-radicalization program. like people take advantage of it, they come back. it goes along with monitoring risk assessment. of course, you don't just want to be soft. you want to be smart really. that's the way forward. in addition to that, you have to engage with communities. you have to make sure community leaders in muslim communities in britain are equipped with the arguments they can make to their own kids when confronted with the idea of going to syria. >> cnn has spoken to various leaders there. and i guess you could say islamist extremists themselves have said, there in the community, they're quite happy
12:35 am
to give up their passports. that they don't want to be part of britain. what do you do when someone stands out and they declare this? what should britain do? how should authorities respond to that? >> that's why it's not effective to tell people they're stripped of their citizenships because these people are quite happy to lose their citizenships because they want to go and build the islamic state. what's really important, it's led by muslim community leaders saying, if you want to help the people of syria, and some want to help the people of syria and iraq, becoming a foreign fighter is not the way to help. if you go there as a foreign fighter, you're making that conflict more extreme, more vicious, ult mattedly more difficult to resolve. there are other ways to help that do not involve going there, fighting and dying. >> i want to touch on very quickly the raising of the terror alert there by prime
12:36 am
minister cameron last week. we'll hear more on that. very mixed reaction from people in britain, too. what was your reaction? when you're talking about no specific threat here, what's it all about, then? >> it seemed a bit rushed. ultimately the second highest level we're at is about no specific threat. only the very highest level, which is still one notch above what we have now, would be about a specific threat. it's true it's been known for over a year and a half that brits have gone down is there and that brits are returning. so, the question is, why is there such a need immediately now to introduce this new threat level? perhaps i would argue this should have been done a while garrigues because we've known about the situation for a number of months. >> peter neumann, many thanks for joining us and sharing your perspective on this matter.
12:37 am
we do appreciate it. >> thank you, rosemary. on friday, mr. cameron said islamist extremism is the root cause of an elevated terror threat level for the uk. but as he steps up efforts to tackle terror at home, the prime minister is getting a mixed response from one of london's muslim neighborhoods. karl penhaul went there. >> we are in the middle of a generational struggle against a poisonous and extremist ideology. >> reporter: the prime minister's battle cry to fight radical islam. a few miles away, one of london's most deprived neighborhoods. a melting pot of color and creed, including many muslims. this catholic nun has been raging her own generational struggle for 45 years. applauding campaign, liveened up with fun days like this, to help everyone get along.
12:38 am
>> i know a bit of wisdom, that if i had a cup of tea with you or if i got to know you a little bit, it's going to be harder for me to be cruel to you. >> reporter: the biggest threat, she says, is not extreme islam but the extreme gap between rich and poor. here in the east end, decrepit social housing sits in the shadow of one of the world's premiere financial districts. >> we were sure it would be trickled down. it's now 20, 30 years and the trickle is awfully slow. >> reporter: critics suggest politicians have failed to root out muslim extremism for fear of appearing racist. but at a bingo game organized by sister christine, born and bread east enders speak frankly about political correctness. >> they come over here. >> i think that's all wrong when they talk in their own language. it makes you feel as if you're
12:39 am
an actor. >> reporter: unsettled by unfamiliar customs -- >> not to be like that. and i don't agree with that, but what can you do? >> reporter: close by, time to pray. worshippers seem concerned muslims are unfairly targeted in the hunt for british jihadis. >> people are scared of what they don't know most of the time. it's like in movies, alien invasions, they just want to attack them. that's the same with us. >> reporter: they say it's fueled by the american war on terror. >> there's an elephant in the room. if somebody's going abroad, whether it's the british army or extremism and killing somebody, they've got blood on their hands. >> reporter: even warnings, now risk setting neighbors against each other. some hold out hope that differences of color and
12:40 am
religion are no obstacle to sharing common ground. >> it's not about rules and regulations and all that nonsense. it's about living together, caring about each other. >> kindness, patience, acceptance. that will keep a community together. >> reporter: karl penhaul, cnn, london. >> we'll be back in just a moment. as a mother of two, it's really hard to work at home. when i really need to get stuff done, i hide in the laundry room. no one ever goes in there. a lawyer that's a monkey? hahahaha. also, the dryer sheets reeeally help my writing. writing supplies. oh. number 7 of my 20. the new amex everyday credit card with no annual fee. thank you. make 20 or more purchases in a monthly billing period, and earn 20% more rewards.
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it's membership that rewards you for the things you already buy, everyday. what's your 20?
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it appears libya militia members decided to make themselves at home at the u.s. embassy pool in tripoli. amateur video posted sunday shows fully clothed cheering men swimming in the pool at a residential an exto the abandoned compound. u.s. ambassador to libya says the compound was not ransacked
12:43 am
and is now being safeguarded. a libyan official says what happened was isolated behavior by those designed to guard the facility. the libyan national counsel does not condone it. the parents who withdrew their 5-year-old son from a british hospital over a dispute of how he was being treated for brain cancer are expected to appear in a spanish court today. >> they were arrested over the weekend. they removed their son from university hospital in southampton last week, triggering an international search for the boy. british police are in spain to question them now. they are expected to seek extradition. his father defended their actions in a youtube video posted hours before their arrests. listen. >> we couldn't stage any more not knowing and not being able to question.
12:44 am
sorry, emergency protection order, you're no longer allowed in the ward. under that stress on our son, with a grade 4 brain tumor, we couldn't question them at all in fear our son would be in that ward all day long, by himself, without his parents. >> officials removed their son from his parents' custody. police say he is currently in hospital in spain. it is a booming business in china but not one for the faint of heart. david mckenzie took a look inside one farm where tens of thousands of cockroaches are being raised for pharmaceutical reasons and even as an in-between meal snack. >> reporter: if you're eating, maybe put down your fork because we have a surprise for you. welcome to the roach farm. that's right.
12:45 am
cockroaches. >> they're inside here is where they breed the cockroaches. you can just hear in here. they stink of ammonia. one says in these rooms there are nearly a million cockroaches. and it is literally the stuff of nightmares. i feel close to them, he tells me. just smell that unique smell they have. i can smell it. unbelievably this crop of american cockroaches brings in serious cash for him. he's the roach kingpen in a growing market in china. this is the mother lode in this one giant packet of roaches. wang says there's half a ton of these critters and they could all be ordered by chinese pharmaceutical companies. that's almost six feet tall.
12:46 am
he says pharmaceutical companies are lining up to buy his stash. they peddle crushed roach pills in china as a catch-all cure for stomach, liver and heart ailments. it's not just business for wang. since the age of 7 he's been admiring and eating cockroaches. that one's just an appetizer. because prefers his roaches fried in peanut oil. i have to say they look worse than when he went in. he wants to push it as a protein snack. it hasn't quite caught on yet. >> tastes like peanut oil but then the after taste is exactly how you would imagine cockroaches to taste. >> if you don't try it, you'll
12:47 am
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heavy rainfall has triggered flash flooding in parts of northern europe.
12:50 am
we turn to our meteorologist, again, ivan cabrera who has details on this. of course, flash flooding is always a concern. just how bad is this? >> a lot of people got stuck on the roads here. no significant injuries reported here. we're talking about southern sweden, an area of low pressure just dove in here. on the northern side of it, you see here, getting involved with very heavy rainfall. a little further north and much much doing here, but this is the area that got hit pretty hard. we'll show you some pictures that have been brought in from sweden. we've been able to see some of the -- well, that just tells the story, doesn't it? that's as bad as it gets with flooding on the roadway. they became rivers there, no question, over the last 24 hours. we'll continue to see a little more rainfall and then we're done. this low is headed down to the south. that's where the rain is going to be focused here. we talk berlin, down the pike into the adriatic. look at the blow of the thunderstorm across the balkans.
12:51 am
on the western side, that's wrlt nice weather is behind the front. we are behind it with the sun moving in. portug portugal, spain, france as well, but further east we talk about the rainfall as we start a pretty soggy week as this low is slow moving and it will take a while for it to clear out. in the meantime, asia, the same story here. unbelievably rainfall. i must imagine these areas have been seeing some flooding because the rain has been pounding over the same area over the last -- just couple days here. further down -- further east, i should say, look at japan. that's just in the past 24 hours. incredible rain. soggy august. no question. we're talking half a meter of rainfall in some areas here. down to the south as well. august 20 14sh14, one of the we months in hong kong. rain will be pelting down south and west.
12:52 am
in india, look at this since saturday, 238 millimeters of rainfall. talking nearly 10 inches across central india with exblowses ive thunderstorm activity that doesn't move. thunderstorm develops and it just rings out on top of that area. speaking of which we have the philippines that has been seeing a completely washout for the weekend as a result of an area of low pressure. typhoon warning center is monitoring this for the potential for development. if it develops, it will develop north of the philippines. all the while it will be dumping heavy rain across the archipelago. >> thank you. comedienne is still in the hospital after undergoing a minor surgery on friday. i spoke about that with ed editor for "in touch weekly."
12:53 am
let's begin with joan rivers. what do we snn. >> we don't know much other than what her daughter is saying. in friday she said she's still in serious condition. she says everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for her. she's still in a medically-induced coma. this is stem willinging from that surgery, elective minor surgery she was having thursday on her vocal cords and she went into cardial arrest, apparently. stopped breathing. now she's in the hospital. everyone is obviously paying very close attention. >> it's very sad. she was just at a comedy stand-up routine on wednesday night. everyone said she looked great. she was in good health. she was skenged to do another comedy routine. i think people are crossing their fingers she'll make it through this. >> absolutely. our thoughts with her and her family. let's turn to this disturbing
12:54 am
story. actress jennifer lawrence and about 100 other female celebrities have been cyber hacked. nude photos are being leaked out. many more to come in the future. what do you know about this? >> the news is just trickling in. apparently these alleged photos of jennifer lawrence, other celebrities like kate upton, other celebrities were hacked and it's been leaked online. we don't know much about the photos because they're just starting to come out. jen fers lawrence's spoengz person apparently told tmz. authorities have been contacted. jennifer said the ones are fake of her but mary elizabeth winsted said these are photos that were deleted from her account months garrigues. really scary. a lot of celebrities were involved. apparently this is a major hack. again, some of these photos might be fake, some might be real.
12:55 am
apparently authorities are involved. >> very scary, very creepy, too. everybody out there to have long and pretty complicated passwords, if you can, and to try to change them up a little bit. >> yes. be careful what you put on your phone, too, because anyone can be hacked. >> that's right. let's finish on some happier news. angelina jolie and brad pitt got married at least. >> finally, yes. finally, angelina is brad married. brad has been out promoting a new film so he's sporting a radio wing. they kept it so hush-hush. they did this on their chateau estate in france, the chapel there. little things are coming out about the ceremony. the kids were very involved. one reason they wanted to get married was because of the kids. apparently the two older boys walked angelina down the aisle. two of the girls threw rose petal. s only 2 people there.
12:56 am
it happened last weekend and didn't come out until several days later. they are so savvy about their media relations and what they put out there and what they want people to know about them. congratulations. >> they did it so quietly. not much of a honeymoon, right? >> no. angelina is on her way to malta because they're prepping a film they're going to star in together. brat is reportedly going to join her there. hopefully they can have a nice honeymoon. >> you are watching cnn's special coverage. i'm rosemary church. stay with us. the news continues with max foster in london right after this.
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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world.
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i'm max foster in london. this hour, a break for iraq from isis as the uk unveils the plans to address the terror threat. protesters in pakistan, demonstrators demand the prime minister's resignation. a rare look inside north korea, the country with little money is spending big to try to impress outsiders. celebrations in an iraqi town. they broke the isis siege there, the town that was surrnded by extremists since june. it came as the u.s., france and asia dropped aid to the town's residents. david cameron is expected to announce details about their responsz today. it could include